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This site is dedicated to the preservation and enjoyment of one of Austin's best places to bicycle and skate - The Veloway.


Veloway Events Schedule: 

Roll and Ride Party at the Veloway hosted by the inline skaters for EVERYONE on Saturday, June 6, 2015 from 6 pm to 10 pm.

Daylight Fun & Nightime Fun - come for either or both / come when you can - leave when you want. Finger food, snacks, treats, water, lemonade. Tours of the Veloway's special features including the bat houses, bird houses, owl boxes and more. Extra bikes and helmets for you to take a lap even if you don't have a bike. Free to everyone! Hosted by the Hill Country Inline Club. EVERYONE is welcome! (Don't forget to bring lights for night riding/rolling.)

The Veloway will be closed to the public during a private event on:

Saturday, June 12, 2015 from 7 am - 12 noon

Come ride or skate with us later in the day or check out the great bike routes through Circle C! Don't forget that nearby Dick Nichols Park has a 1 mile paved loop trail that's great for jogging and kids on bikes.


It's MY Park Day

It's My Park Day is a citywide 1 day volunteer event to improve Austin's parks and green spaces.

It's My Park Day event was held on Sat. March 7th, 2015, 10am -1 pm, at the Veloway park was lead by the Hill Country Inline Club, the non-profit organization that has officially 'adopted' the Veloway, to help the city, for the past 9 years.

Projects included: 
- clearing out the drain areas so water does not lay on the track after a rain.
- picking up trash- will have pickers and trash bags
- weeding and mulching the flower gardens,
- transplanting and planting native plants and flowers,
- putting up Purple Martin Houses and a Bird feeding station,
- clearing out the brush in the turn area to see clearly through to the other side of the track from the shelter.

Did you know last year there were over 3,500 volunteers and 90 different projects lead?!

Thanks to Nicole Fisher, President of the Hill Country Inline Club for leading this event to make the Veloway an even better place to skate and bike.

Repave The Veloway!

The Veloway needs to be repaved soon. We all know money is tight these days, but without repaving, the Veloway will be destroyed by nature. Please sign this petition so the Veloway's surface can be saved before it is too late:
More news regarding in-line skating activities and maintenance issues can be found at .

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About the Veloway

The Veloway is southwest Austin's first trail exclusively for bicycles and rollerblading. Located on more than 100 acres in the Slaughter Creek Metropolitan Park, the Veloway is a 3.1 mile paved asphalt loop 23 feet wide. 

Location map for the Veloway 

History of the Veloway

The Veloway has controversial roots. 

One of Austin's prized natural features is a spring fed pool known as Barton Springs. Barton Springs is filled year round with almost unbearably cold water and has provided a much needed respite from our brutal summers for thousands of years. The watershed that feeds the aquifer that fills the Springs is a relatively attractive rolling land with small trees and brush. 

Only sparsely developed in the early 80's, the land in southwest Austin above the aquifer became the target of development, some chaotic and some well-planned. One of the best planned developments created during the boom years of the 80's was Circle C. The mastermind behind Circle C is Gary Bradley, who is either the devil incarnate or the most forward thinking community creator to ever live in Texas.

Jeff Latimer of Gus' Bike shop in New Hampshire recently emailed this interesting background on the Veloway's founding: 

"Back in the 80's I was a real estate broker working for First Austin Properties.  I was am also cyclist and today I own a bike shop in New Hampshire.  A friend of mine worked for Gary Bradley. She told me that Gary was interested in doing a bicycle project and wondered about building a velodrome on his new development, Circle C Ranch. I think the velodrome came up because another Austin developer (whose name escapes me at the moment) had formed a committee to make a bid for the Pan Am games to be in Austin. Anyway  I pulled in Richard DeGarmo, who at that time was the director of the Tour of Texas. He was also president of the United States Cycling Federation, which later became USA Cycling. The Tour of Texas was  a  week long stage race held every March in Central Texas.  Richard was years ahead of his time with the race, this was way before Lance. It brought in all the great teams of the time including 7-11 with Bob Roll, the big Raleigh team and several European junior teams.  At that time the Tour was still going on and Circle C became one of the sponsors of the event.  The Velodrome actually got some serious consideration, I remember going down to the Houston Velodrome to take a look at the one that had been built there.  Richard and Gary thought a Veloway made more sense then the Velodrome as it could be used to hold the criteriums that were part of the Tour. They traditionally had been held on 6th street or on the big loop in Zilker Park. Sadly the Tour came to an end due to lack of sponsorship before a race could be held there, but the Veloway is indeed a jewel."

Circle C incorporated many unique features for its time, including a wonderful swimming facility, the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center, and the Veloway. Much to the consternation of the road cyclists of Austin, public money that had been earmarked for creation of urban bike lanes was diverted to help fund Gary Bradley's bike path way out in the middle of nowhere serving his subdivision's residents, who weren't even in the city limits at the time.

Fast-forward 15 years and you'll find the Veloway becoming surrounded by development. The rapid loss of bike friendly roads makes its existence seem most fortunate, even to those who pooh pooh the idea of riding a short 3 mile loop over and over again. A decision was made a while back to allow the rollerbladers to legally use the facility ... they now comprise about half the users.  The City of Austin repaved the Veloway in 2004. We are alarmed at the deterioration of the pavement surface, and hope the city will add a protective topping before the pavement becomes dangerous again.

Thus, a combination of optimistic investors, over-reaching developers, political opportunists, and creative visionaries gave the citizens of Austin a great recreational resource that, unfortunately, might outlive our constantly threatened Barton Springs.

For more details and probably some important corrections of folklore, you'll need to do some research, perhaps searching the records of the Austin American Statesman ( and the Austin Chronicle (  

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News regarding in-line skating activities and maintenance issues can be found at .

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